Klever XChange Safety Cutter w/ Replaceable Blade Head and tape splitter

Klever XChange KCJ-XC-20

The MS990 Klever XChange safety cutter features a reusable handle and replaceable blade heads. This new product is more economical, ergonomic and environmentally friendly! Like the original Klever Kutter & the Klever Koncept the Klever XChange opens packages quickly and easily with no fear of accidental user cuts or damage to package contents. The Xchange ships with the standard blade head (two cutting edges), however, a double wall cardboard head is available. The Klever Xchange is ideal for distribution centers! A safe alternative to standard utility knives! Protect employees and sensitive package contents simultaneously!
(Klever Innovations KCJ-XC-20)


Interchangeable Head design. Keep the handle, replace the blade. No tools required!

Ergonomic 'Soft Touch' Handle reduces hand fatigue and stress

Recessed Blade prevents contact with fingers, eliminating costly injuries

Recessed Blade prevents contact with contents, eliminating expensive product damage

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