Olfa HOB-2 Hook Blades

Olfa HOB-2 5/Pkg Replacement Blades

These Olfa hook blades helps prevent injuries to you and damage to the surface below where you're cutting. The dual edge on the blades is ideal for cutting construction materials including flooring, insulation, conduit and roofing materials and also industrial materials such as laminates, plastics, fiberglass and rubber. The blades fit SK-4 and SK-9 retractable safety knives.
(HOB-2/5, #9617)

Good For: Use in commercial, industrial, retail and distribution facilities. Cuts corrugated and packaging materials, shrink wrap, plastic, film, strapping and more.

Two-sided hook blade

Hook design helps prevent damage to items underneath the material being cut

Made from high-quality carbon tool steel

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