Olfa Safety Knives & Cutters

  • SK-4 - Olfa Retractable Safety Box Cutter

    Olfa SK-4 Retractable Safety Cutter

    The revolutionary Olfa SK-4 spring-retractable safety cutter features right or left handed operation, powerful return spring, stainless steel blade channel and ergonomic grip.


  • SK-6 - Olfa Retractable Safety Box Cutter

    Olfa SK-6 Retractable Safety Cutter Featuring the FlexGuard Dual Protection System

    The Olfa SK-6 with Flex-Guard Automatic Protection System. The peak in retractable safety cutters featuring an automatic dual protection blade system! Olfa 1060595


  • SK-7 - Olfa Compact Safety box Cutter

    This handy sized safety cutter features a spring-loaded blade that self-retracts the instant it loses contact with the material being. Approximately 4.5" in length (retracted)!


  • SK-8 - Olfa retractable Safety box Cutter

    Olfa SK-8 Auto Retractable Safety Knife. The blade retracts automatically... even while the blade slider is engaged!

    The Olfa SK-8 features a spring-loaded blade that automatically retracts the instant it loses contact with the material being cut, even when the blade slider is engaged. This feature cannot be overridden!


  • SK-9 - Olfa Safety Knife with Tape Splitter

    Olfa SK-9 retractable safety knife with heavy duty metal pick or tape splitter

    The versatile & heavy-duty Olfa SK-9 features a spring-activated blade that self-retracts the instant the blade loses contact with the cutting surface. It has a built-in metal utility pick for splitting boxes, opening cans, etc.


  • SK-10 - Olfa Concealed Blade Safety Box Cutter

    Olfa SK-10 Concealed Blade Safety Cutter.  Sheet material, shrink wrap cutter.

    Olfa SK-10 concealed blade safety knife features an adjustable blade positioning design which allows for 4 cutting edges on a single-edge safety utility blade. Easy, no-tool blade change!


  • SK-12 - Olfa stainless steel retractable safety knife

    Olfa SK-12 Stainless Steel retractable safety knife. NSF approved and metal detectable

    Olfa SK-12 100% stainless steel, NSF approved, metal detectable retractable safety knife. Specifically designed for use in food production
    environments. Tool free blade change.