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Welcome to SafeCutting.com! Your source for quality safety knives and box cutters! Reducing workplace cuts and lacerations is our number one goal. Preorder today the NEW Klever Innovations Klever Xchange Plus - a new lightweight magnesium handle. Available with the standard blade head and double wall blade head.


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  • MS994 - Klever Kutter Disposable Safety Cutter

    Klever Kutter KCJ-1 disposable safety box cutter

    The original Klever Kutter disposable safety cutter designed to protect users from accidental injury and to protect package contents while opening. Made in the USA! 

    Starting at $1.99

  • 625001 - Martor 625 Squeeze Trigger Cutter Martor Secupro 625001 ergonomic squeeze trigger safety knife

    The Martor Secupro 625, another "SMART" safety cutter, has 1" of blade depth and the ultimate in ergonomic design for maximized comfort. Heavy duty aluminum handle with soft touch rubber grip. You'll love the squeeze trigger!


  • Lewis K-710 - Safety Knife

    Lewis K-710 Safety Knife with Clear Locking Hood

    The Lewis K-710 Locking Safety Knife is a fixed-blade safety knife and features an automatic safety hood that snaps shut and locks once contact is lost with the cutting surface. Replace your standard utility knife today. Made in the USA!


  • 101806 - Martor Maxisafe Retractable Cutter

    Martor 101806 Maxisafe Retractable Safety Cutter

    The iconic Maxisafe is part of Martor's "SMART" safety cutter line. A safety spring provides for automatic blade "shoot-back" into the handle even if the thumb slide is engaged!


  • MS9902 - Klever X-Change DouBle Wall

    Klever Xchange Double Wall Cardboard Cutter KCJ-XC-30 by Klever Innovations

    Safety cutter designed to protect users from accidental injury and damage to box contents. Features a replaceable DOUBLE WALL coardboard blade head. Made in the USA! KCJ-XC-30

    Starting at $8.39

  • J201B - Olo Box Top Cutter

    Olo safety carton cutter and box top cutter

    The ultimate tool for removing box tops. Ergonomic design with guarded blade that is button activated.


  • PLS-300-XC-30 Klever X-Change Safety Box Cutter

    Klever Xchange PLS-300-XC-30 by Klever Innovations

    NEW! Durable magnesium handle safety cutter designed to protect users from accidental injury and to protect package contents when opening. Features a replaceable double wall cardboard blade head. Made in the USA!

    Starting at $9.99

  • SK-9 - Olfa Safety Knife with Tape Splitter

    Olfa SK-9 retractable safety knife with heavy duty metal pick or tape splitter

    The versatile & heavy-duty Olfa SK-9 features a spring-activated blade that self-retracts the instant the blade loses contact with the cutting surface. It has a built-in metal utility pick.