Martor Safety Knives & Cutters

  • 101806 - Martor Maxisafe Retractable Cutter

    Martor 101806 Maxisafe Retractable Safety Cutter

    The Maxisafe is part of Martor's "SMART" safety cutter line. A safety spring provides for automatic blade "shoot-back" into the handle even if the thumb slide is engaged!


  • 122001 - Martor Martego

    Martor Martego 122001 Ergonomic, Retractable Squeeze Lever Safety Knife

    The Martego features a squeeze trigger. Another of Martor's "SMART" retractable safety cutters, the blade automatically retracts when leaving the cutting surface even while you squeeze the lever! Aluminum body.


  • 124001 - Martor Merak

    Martor Merak Ergonomic Squeeze Lever Safety Cutter

    The Merak is the little brother of the Martego. It features a rugged, polycarbonate plastic body. It is just as comfortable to use and its ergonomic design reduces fatigue and allows for use in right OR left hand.


  • 116006 - Martor Megasafe Heavy Duty Retractable

    Martor Megasafe Heavy Duty Retractable Safety Knife

    The Martor Megasafe is the heavy duty version of the Maxisafe. It offers the same level of safety and a blade depth of nearly one inch. A safer alternative to standard utility knives.


  • 120700 - Martor Profi 25 Retractable Cutter

    Martor Secnunorm Profi 25 Retractable Safety Knife

    The Martor Profi 25 retractable safety cutter features an unpainted aluminum body and metal infused plastic (metal detectable) for a safer alternative to standard utility knives for the food service industry.


  • 109137 - Combi Heavy Duty Sheet Material Cutter

    Martor Combi Sheet Material Cutter

    The Martor Combi is a concealed blade safety cutter that cuts shrink wrap, strapping, banding, box tape and more without the threat of an exposed blade. It includes an integrated tape opener for cardboard boxes.


  • 625001 - Martor 625 Squeeze Trigger Cutter

    Martor Secupro 625001 ergonomic squeeze trigger safety knife

    The Martor Secupro 625, a cross between the Megasafe and Martego, offers 1" of blade depth and the ultimate in ergonomic design for maximized comfort. Featuring a heavy duty aluminum handle with soft touch rubber grip.